About Me

photo of Richard Piper, the photography course provider
“My aim is to help and inspire photographers at every level, to advance their picture taking abilities and explore their true potential.”
Richard Piper
Like many other professional photographers, I enjoy giving tuition to the growing number of picture takers who simply want to become better at making pictures…
However, I offer something different from most with a one-to-one ‘tailored’ teaching approach, that’s specifically designed to fit the individuals skills, needs and goals.

A bit more about me…

From a chance childhood encounter with sunlight sensitive paper, a couple of rubber bands and some old family negatives, my fascination with image creation was kindled. To help fan the flames, art, science and the natural world were subjects that excited me then – and still do today.
I guess with that mix of ingredients, it’s not surprising that my future life and livelihood would revolve around the creation and capture of still and moving images.
Fundamentally, I am an image fanatic. I love the buzz and challenge of bringing together the technical with the artistic – the tools with the imagination – the physical with the intangible.
With today’s amazing advances in technology, combined with the ever increasing human appetite for visual stimulation, the magic of artistic photography has barely begun.
After a lifelong career as a photographer and film-maker, I have an unrivalled wealth of experience to offer.  My coaching will help you understand HowTo make great images, and will provide you with the knowledge and the right approach to advance your photography skills.


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