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Set the exposure exactly as you want it…
Had I taken this shot using an ‘auto’ exposure setting the dark timbered surround would have caused the camera to increase the exposure and consequently over exposed the water scene. To overcome this I simply zoomed in to exclude the timber frame from the shot and manually set the exposure for the water scene alone. Retaining this setting, I zoomed back out to include the frame and took the shot.
Shoot in manual and RAW when things get tricky…
Some images, like this one, need a carefully balanced exposure to help convey the ‘story’. In this example I wanted the young woman to be in semi silhouette to reveal just enough tantalising detail, but maintain a sense of mystery and intrigue.  Setting the camera to manual enabled me to nail the exposure, plus shooting in RAW ensured that I had tons of latitude to play with when finalising the image in Photoshop.
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