Bespoke one-to-one photography courses


Cameras, lenses, exposure, memory cards, composition and the like, are all
essential ‘tools’ of photography and the tuition fully covers all the tools, and more.
. . . . . . .
In addition my courses reveal secrets that aid the search for better photography,
including the benefits of ‘thinking outside the toolbox’!


Whether for a single person or small group, the tuition is designed specifically
to your wishes and goals, whatever the ability, equipment, or skills level.
. . . . . . .
Covering both the technical and creative aspects of photography, the workshop
offers first-hand friendly tuition, with clear practical demonstrations of the key
ingredients for great successful photography.
. . . . . . .
With plenty of time for practice and questions, the classes are the
perfect opportunity for anyone wishing to take their photography to the next level.


The courses take place outdoors in central London, with the locations selected to best serve the needs of the day.
Most take place along the River Thames Southbank, with the City of London Square Mile also being popular.
. . . . . . .
Both of these areas have a great mix of the old and new and offer a wealth of activity,
colour and culture, with endless photographic opportunities whatever the weather.


One-to-one bespoke tuition course £120

What’s included in the price?

• Pre-course welcome email and phone call covering your course requirements and photographic goals

• One-to-one tuition for 1 to 4 people maximum

• Sessions are a minimum of 4 hours for 1 person, extending to a maximum 6 hours for a group of up to 4 people

• Bespoke coaching to your skill level, camera  and needs

• Contingency plan for bad weather

• All locations offer plenty of cafes, toilets and resting places

• Free loan of DSRL (by prior arrangement and returnable deposit on the day)

• Post course email or phone call review of the course, with advice for the future


  • “Brilliant course. I did it with a friend and there was just the two of on the workshop which was perfect and I would thoroughly recommend it”

    Sara, Tottenham

  • “I am an absolute beginner and my friend is already quite proficient, but Richard passed on plenty of tips for both of us and got us taking really decent photos of City landmarks.”

    Deana, London

  •  “The course was most enjoyable and I would definitely recommend to anyone wishing to improve their skills and feel more confident about photography.”

    Greg, Wolverhampton

  • “Richard was very patient, knowledgeable, fun and great at instilling confidence. Beautiful locations too. Overall just a great experience.”

    Sarah, Plymouth

  • “Exceptional value, whether its creativity, technical or just getting better organised, all tuition was given to help make better, more professional pictures.”

    Roy, Hertfordshire

  • “With Richard’s encouragement and guidance, I found that I was now seeing things that previously I would have missed. Brilliant one to one tuition.”

    Jonathan, Cambridge

  •  “I came away feeling totally confident to go manual and stop relying on the camera’s auto features. I loved this course, it was exactly what I had been looking for!”

    Katherine, Ontario

  • “Really great course and I loved the location too. I am now starting to see things with fresh eyes and not just photographing the obvious as I did before.”

    Sam, Ruislip

  • “The course was most enjoyable. I walked away at the end of the session feeling fully prepared and energised to apply all the advice given.”

    Hiran, London

  • “I was very impressed by Richard, not only about the techniques, but also the tools and how best to use them. I particularly liked his flexibility in getting his message over”

    Lucy, Guildford

  • “We were a mixed ability group and Richard quickly noticed those needing things explained in a different way to ensure the message had got through to everyone”.

    Sofia, Sweden

  • “The whole workshop from start to finish was thoroughly enjoyable. A great course from a very knowledgeable and pleasant man. Fully recommended!”

    John, Surrey


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